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Why O’M Yoga?

Because it is O’Mazing…. I kid. I started O’M Yoga to share what I have learned teaching and practicing in the yoga community. What started as just studio teaching grew in a YouTube community and so much more. Now we take it a step further by tailoring content with more focused tutorials, longer class videos, additional exclusive education plus live streams!! Yoga is for every BODY, and there is content for seasoned and new yoginis and yogis.



Why O’M Essentials?

Again, it is O’Mazing…. In all honesty, I would be doing my community a disservice if I was not sharing the oils with you. Becoming an O’Mie with a Young Living starter kit gives you access to our private O’M Essentials community.
A welcoming place to learn, expand, and grow a passion for essential oils. Whether it benefits your practice or offers emotional and physical support, O’M Essentials has you covered!

Find inspiration within.

In my journey, watching my students grow in their yoga practice and connecting their mind, body, and soul truly inspires me. Yoga is a pathway and connection to what lies within yourself. 

Featured YouTube Videos

Have any excess emotions that need to be worked out? Built-up toxins? Stored up energy? This 30-minute class will burn off all the extras! We turn ourselves into our own washing machines, we rinse, we cycle, and we dry…This class gets into the hips, our core, and our mind. Get ready for some sweaty, strengthening to take place!

This full-body power vinyasa flow will help us to burn off stagnant energy. It will allow us to connect in with our truth, and to disconnect from outside noise and chatter. Are you ready to stop allowing outside noise to take away from your internal power? Get ready, this one’s for you! This flow will cover you from head to toe and balance your energy, with a little bit of fire! We have also added a donation button, I have so many requests to continue to produce free content. And in order to keep up with these requests, donations would be greatly appreciated. They are not required, of course, but will help me to be able to produce content on a regular basis.

Join me for a 30-minute total body class! We will work our hips, our core, our shoulders, and more. If you are looking for a nice little flow that will leave you feeling as though you spent 60 minutes on your mat, this is it! It’s fun, layered for all levels, and will give you just enough time to feel refreshed and renewed.