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About Me

I started O’M Yoga to share what I have learned teaching and practicing in the yoga community over the last 9 years. What started as just studio teaching grew into a YouTube community and so much more. Now we take it a step further by tailoring content with more focused tutorials, longer class videos, additional exclusive education, plus live streams!! Yoga is for every BODY, and there is content for seasoned and new yoginis and yogis alike.

Community Membership 

A welcoming place to discover, learn, expand, and grow your yoga passion. Whether it benefits your practice or offers emotional, spiritual, or physical support, O’M Yoga has got you covered!

What You Get:


2 New 60-70 Minute Vinyasa classes a month


1 New 30 or 45 Minute Yoga class a month


Live Angel Card and Guided Meditation the 1st Sunday of every month


Live 60-70 Minute Vinyasa Flow class the 3rd Sunday of every month


Community Connection through our own Facebook like page that is PRIVATE. No one will sell, steal, or use your information otherwise.


Personal connection with me and other students

$24 a month or $240 annually (easy cancellation)

Why join the Community?

Our O’M Yoga Community is a great place for yoga practitioners  who are either brand new to the practice, or have years of experience under their mat.  Whether you need access to online classes because you don’t have a local studio to go to, or you simply enjoy having a personal/private yoga practice, we’ve got you covered.  Some added benefits to O’M Yoga are:

  • No need to worry about finding parking!
  • No need to worry about finding a sitter for the kiddos!
  • 24/7 access to classes that fit YOU!  Love a class?  You’ll be able to take it over and over again without “hoping” the teacher will lead it again!  Don’t like a class?  No need to worry about having to skip going to the studio again, you can pick from the library!
  • Connection – to YOUR needs.  Love being connected with other yoga students?  GREAT!  Take full advantage of our Facebook like community and chat away!  Don’t love being connected and want to keep your practice and experience to yourself?  GREAT!  Come in, take class, and peace out!  No hard feelings either way!  This space is about YOU and your needs.

O’M Yoga embraces and meets you on your mat where YOU are, not where I want you to be.

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