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Find the benefits of becoming a wholesale member with Young Living

Wholesale memberships are one of the most popular ways to purchase Young Living Products. Think of it like a wholesale membership at Costco, you are not committed to reselling the product, you are just getting access to a 24% Wholesale discount off the retail price. Don’t say I didn’t warn, but you will love your oils. Over 90% of all wholesale members just use the oils for personal use, but you also have the opportunity to earn commission sharing what you love with a wholesale membership like I do. 

Plus you will get to enjoy the benefits of being part of our O’Mazing team, filled with tons of support, education and ways to better learn and love your essential oils and more.

To get started with a wholesale membership you’ll choose from one of the discounted starter kits below.

Premium Starter Kit

The best entry for all your needs. Twelve essential oils, your choice of 4 different diffuser options. Plus a few extra goodies included

CBD Starter Kit

Looking for pure, safe, legal 0% THC CBD Oil? This kit will do the trick to welcome you into the world of essential oil infused CBD oil.

Ningxia Starter Kit

Looking for a tasty start? These superfood antioxidant-rich drinks will have you feeling amazing! Enjoy a sweet, tasty flavored treat.

Thieves Starter Kit

Ready to take toxin-free living seriously? The Thieves kit gives you all the tools to replace many of your chemical filled cleaners and more.

How to Become a Member

We will guide you through the simple process below for you to grab your premium starter kit and become an O’Mie. First things first click the JOIN NOW button below to get started

Step One – Choose your Kit

Step Two: Enroll in Essential Rewards

Essential Rewards is not required, but beneficial if you order, or plan on ordering consistently. On essential rewards, you enjoy the benefit of getting 25% back on the things you purchase. Those points can be used toward special products and regular products.
Not sure now? Don’t worry you can join any time. Interested in learning more about Essential Rewards, follow the link.

Step Three: Fill out your Basic Information & Sign In Info

The membership information is pretty straight forward, as well as the sign-in information. Be sure to save your username, password, and pin#. This information will be required should you need to contact Member Services.

Step Four: Commission Processing

Here you will want to check which one best applies. Don’t let this section confuse you if you plan to share and make commissions, bonuses, or other incentives over $600 we need to make sure we are covering our taxes on income. YL makes this simple.

  • Individual no Social Security – Just planning to use, love, and enjoy your oils and products check here. Don’t worry if you decide to share and earn this can be updated later.
  • Individual with Social Security – Maybe you already know, oh yeah I am gonna share cause I know LOVE them already! Check here.
  • Business DBA or LLC – If you are only going to be selling through your business, check here.

Step Five: Sponsor/Enroller Information (Become an O’Mie)

Ok, this is the important step to become an O’Mie. Most of the links provided here will automatically generate my O’M Essentials member number. If it happens to no show, just type in “3335853” in the Sponsor/Enroller fields. This will ensure you are connected to O’M Essentials, holla!

Step Six: Terms and Conditions

Take some time if you would like, scan through the terms and conditions. Click ok, and we are almost there.

Step Seven: Shipping and Billing Information

Another quick, simple fill out section of where you want all your new goodies to go to. Plus your preferred method of payment. Click continue to confirm all your information looks correct, finalize your check out and become O’Mified.